Dry Eye Can Reduce Your Performance

dry eye

Recently, an elite target shooter came in 2 days before Provincials complaining of trouble keeping her focus on the target.  The problem – dry eyes.  A few days of treatment and she was noticing significantly more stable vision, allowing her to win her class.

 When talking about sports vision we first address clear vision, but equally important is stable vision.  The eye is designed to have a tear film coating the cornea which protects the cornea and also provide a clear optical surface.  If the tear film evaporates or is disrupted the vision will fog and the delicate corneal epithelial cells can be damaged. 

Treatments for dry eye are growing and we have many more options for diagnose and treatment.

NHL Scouting Combine tests Hand-Eye Coordination

svt training


101 NHL hopefuls are gathered in New Jersey for the NHL Scouting Combine.  The Combine involves a series of physical tests and examinations that are used to give prospective teams one last look before the NHL Draft later this summer.  One test that has been included in the combine since 2009 is a test of hand-eye coordination.  Studies show that regardless of the sport hand-eye coordination is superior in elite atheletes.  Studies also show that a 5 week vision training program can improve your hand-eye coordination.

Dr. Michael Nelson, Sports Vision Optometrist

Referees Can Benefit from Vision Training


It could be argued that efficient vision is more important in officials than in athletes, as evidenced by the discussion on twitter of the disallowed goal in the BlackHawks-Wings game 7.  A study of environmental effects on referrees shows that active referees have more difficulty making decisions when they are overheated.  Sideline officials, however are more affected when they are in very cold conditions.  If you are an official we can improve your vision as well.

Dr. Michael Nelson