Eyes Up Stickhandling: Spring Break 2017

Eyes-Up Hockey Stickhandling Program

A differentiating skill in hockey players of all ages is the ability to stickhandle while keeping track of the play on ice.   Players that can do this are known to have great on-ice awareness.   Sign up for this special spring break vision training program and we will help you improve your eye-up stick handling.

Four 50 Minute Sessions:   $50

Ages: 2007, 2008, 2009


Baseline training on proper stick handling technique

Baseline assessment of eyes-up stick handling skills and multi-player tracking.

Training of heads up stick handling

At home training exercises

Free Stickhandling ball


Session Times available

Monday- Friday:  9am, 10am, 11am, 1pm , 2pm, 3pm

Contact Teagen to Book. 204 487-1901,  info@eyegym.ca

March Madness Multiviewing

Everyone has heard of multi-tasking…how about multi-viewing?  March Madness is a great time for testing your multi-viewing skills…..trying to watch 4 or more games simultaneously so you don’t miss that buzzer beater finish.

The term we use in sports vision training for this is Multi-object tracking.  This is the ability to keep track of your teammates and opponents while they move around on the court.  This is also the skill that is used when you talk about an athlete have great court vision – players with great multi object tracking also tend to make better and more accurate passes because they know where everyone is.

Take a look at this video of basketball playerAlvin Abreu using neurotracker to train his multi object tracking.


EyeGym Canada is the only facility in Manitoba that has Neurotracker available.  Call us and book an appointment to learn more.

Michael Nelson, OD FAAO

EyeGym Canada




Come On Ref!!!

We’ve all done it – questioned the integrity of a ref’s vision when they miss a call.   At EyeGym Canada, we have trained lots of athletes to have more efficient vision but no refs – yet.    Refs have just as demanding of visual tasks as players do and in some ways more.  Take for example, this soccer match offside play. Watch this video and it’s hard to believe the ref missed this call….and on a play that could easily decide the game.

So how could the ref miss this obvious offside?  Let’s watch the close-up replay.

After watching the close-up it is apparent that this was not offside after all.  It was Stephen Sunday (aka “Sunny”) of Real Salt Lake (team in white) who tipped the ball to Nemanja Nikolić scoring his first goal for the Chicago Fire (team in red).  Good Call Ref…..and great vision!

Michael Nelson, OD FAAO

EyeGym Canada

How’s Your Visual Endurance?

This weekend a Norwegian Hockey game broke the record for the longest game.  It went to 8 overtime periods and lasted 8 1/2 hours.    At one point the teams ordered in some food.

This type of game requires physical endurance and visual endurance.   Fortunately you don’t need to focus this long in most games and for the most part with shifts less than 1 minute most hockey players only need to focus for 1 minute at a time.

Goalies sometimes can feel the visual strain of sustained pressure in their zone and loss of focus is a big reason why goals are scored following sustained pressure.

The great news is that you can train your visual endurance and focus.  You can train your eyes and concentration to stay ‘in the zone’ longer.  A great tool we use for this is Multi-object tracking.

If you are interested in this type of training book an eye exam and sports vision assessment.

Michael Nelson, OD FAAO

EyeGym Canada



Canada Hockey Expo

Come visit us, talk about our programs and test your visual skills at our booth at the Canada Hockey Expo.

RBC Convention Centre

Saturday, June 11th: 10am – 8pm
Sunday, June 12th: 10am – 6pm