How’s Your Visual Endurance?

This weekend a Norwegian Hockey game broke the record for the longest game.  It went to 8 overtime periods and lasted 8 1/2 hours.    At one point the teams ordered in some food.

This type of game requires physical endurance and visual endurance.   Fortunately you don’t need to focus this long in most games and for the most part with shifts less than 1 minute most hockey players only need to focus for 1 minute at a time.

Goalies sometimes can feel the visual strain of sustained pressure in their zone and loss of focus is a big reason why goals are scored following sustained pressure.

The great news is that you can train your visual endurance and focus.  You can train your eyes and concentration to stay ‘in the zone’ longer.  A great tool we use for this is Multi-object tracking.

If you are interested in this type of training book an eye exam and sports vision assessment.

Michael Nelson, OD FAAO

EyeGym Canada