Heads Up Stickhandling


Hockey Player Skating with Puck

When you are watching a hockey game have you ever noticed that some kids that always seem to make that perfect pass.  Announcers describe players like this as having ‘great vision’.  Sports vision specialists can measure the size of an athlete’s detailed vision zone but the first step is quite simple – look up.  If you are stickhandling with your head down you can’t see who is open and you can’t avoid collisions with other players. 

The great news is that heads-up stickhandling can be trained, the bad news is that it is rarely trained in regular hockey practices or even hockey camps.  You can train your eyes and your brain to use your peripheral vision for viewing the puck while keeping your eyes up watching the play.   Our Pre-Season Hockey Tune-Up will train your visual system to use heads-up stickhandling as well as improve your stickhandling speed and precision.