Could You Stop an NHL Slap Shot?

Hockey Goalie in Front of Goal

It’s July and hockey season is just around the corner…so it is time to start thinking about your preseason training.  Every goalie’s dream is to have the chance to stop an NHL slapshot from the point.  So do you think you could do it?

Let’s go back to physics class and figure it out.

Let’s say you have an average NHL defenseman with an 85mph slapshop, shooting at you from the blueline, about 55 feet away.  It will take that slap shot 430 milliseconds to reach you. 

In those 430 milliseconds you need to do the following:

  1. Locate and focus on the the shot. 
  2. Determine the speed, distance and direction of the puck.
  3. Process this information in your brain and make a decision on what you will do.
  4. React.

Could you do all that?   Perhaps, if your reaction time is fast enough. 

What if you could improve your reaction time?

Studies show that reaction time can be measured and trained in as little as 5 weeks.  If you would like to improve your reaction time, call us to book a sports vision evaluation and training session.