Come On Ref!!!

We’ve all done it – questioned the integrity of a ref’s vision when they miss a call.   At EyeGym Canada, we have trained lots of athletes to have more efficient vision but no refs – yet.    Refs have just as demanding of visual tasks as players do and in some ways more.  Take for example, this soccer match offside play. Watch this video and it’s hard to believe the ref missed this call….and on a play that could easily decide the game.

So how could the ref miss this obvious offside?  Let’s watch the close-up replay.

After watching the close-up it is apparent that this was not offside after all.  It was Stephen Sunday (aka “Sunny”) of Real Salt Lake (team in white) who tipped the ball to Nemanja Nikolić scoring his first goal for the Chicago Fire (team in red).  Good Call Ref…..and great vision!

Michael Nelson, OD FAAO

EyeGym Canada