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Could You Stop an NHL Slap Shot?

It’s July and hockey season is just around the corner…so it is time to start thinking about your preseason training.  Every goalie’s dream is to have the chance to stop an NHL slapshot from the point.  So do you think you could do it? Let’s go back to physics class and figure it out. Let’s […]

Dry Eye Can Reduce Your Performance

Recently, an elite target shooter came in 2 days before Provincials complaining of trouble keeping her focus on the target.  The problem – dry eyes.  A few days of treatment and she was noticing significantly more stable vision, allowing her to win her class.  When talking about sports vision we first address clear vision, but […]

How to Develop Your Soccer Skills

My son is in 10 year old soccer and is a victim of change.  His youth soccer program has adopted a new format for his age group.  Last year, when he was nine, he played on a larger 9vs9 field.  This year at 10 he is now playing on the smaller 6vs6 field.  As occurs with any change, I […]

Mandatory Visors in NHL

The NHLPA voted to approve mandatory visors in the NHL.   A great choice in protecting vision.  Read the full story here. For those skeptics,  9 out of 10 of the top NHL scorers in 2011 wore a visor.  Read the story and see a photo library of the injuries here.

NHL Scouting Combine tests Hand-Eye Coordination

  101 NHL hopefuls are gathered in New Jersey for the NHL Scouting Combine.  The Combine involves a series of physical tests and examinations that are used to give prospective teams one last look before the NHL Draft later this summer.  One test that has been included in the combine since 2009 is a test […]