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How’s Your Visual Endurance?

This weekend a Norwegian Hockey game broke the record for the longest game.  It went to 8 overtime periods and lasted 8 1/2 hours.    At one point the teams ordered in some food. This type of game requires physical endurance and visual endurance.   Fortunately you don’t need to focus this long in most […]

Canada Hockey Expo

Come visit us, talk about our programs and test your visual skills at our booth at the Canada Hockey Expo. RBC Convention Centre Saturday, June 11th: 10am – 8pm Sunday, June 12th: 10am – 6pm  

4 Smart Drills to Improve Eye-Hand Coordination

Check out this article on how to improve your Eye-Hand Coordiation So you want to improve your eye-hand coordination? First, get an eye exam and make sure your eyesight is as good as it can be, says Fraser Horn, OD, an instructor of Sports and Recreational Vision at Pacific University, Oregon. “The better the input, […]

Olympic Vision: Eye Infection in Sports

Athletes are familiar with the risk of being sidelined for injuries.  It’s a risk that comes with sport, but you want to avoid them if you can.  One upper body injury that you want to try to avoid is the eye infection.  Most following the Olympics are familiar that NBC news anchor Bob Costas was […]