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How To Get Vision Like Conner McDavid

So what sets players like Conner McDavid apart? He has skill that puts him in another level than his peers….the age old ‘nature vs nurture’ question is if players like McDavid are great because they were born that way or is it because they trained to that level. My thoughts are that it has more […]

Eyes Up Stickhandling: Spring Break 2017

Eyes-Up Hockey Stickhandling Program A differentiating skill in hockey players of all ages is the ability to stickhandle while keeping track of the play on ice.   Players that can do this are known to have great on-ice awareness.   Sign up for this special spring break vision training program and we will help you […]

March Madness Multiviewing

Everyone has heard of multi-tasking…how about multi-viewing?  March Madness is a great time for testing your multi-viewing skills…..trying to watch 4 or more games simultaneously so you don’t miss that buzzer beater finish. The term we use in sports vision training for this is Multi-object tracking.  This is the ability to keep track of your […]

Come On Ref!!!

We’ve all done it – questioned the integrity of a ref’s vision when they miss a call.   At EyeGym Canada, we have trained lots of athletes to have more efficient vision but no refs – yet.    Refs have just as demanding of visual tasks as players do and in some ways more.  Take […]

How’s Your Visual Endurance?

This weekend a Norwegian Hockey game broke the record for the longest game.  It went to 8 overtime periods and lasted 8 1/2 hours.    At one point the teams ordered in some food. This type of game requires physical endurance and visual endurance.   Fortunately you don’t need to focus this long in most […]