Assess Your Sports Vision At Your Annual Eye Exam

sports eyechartIt’s back to school time and that means it is time to schedule your annual eye exam.  Annual eye exams will ensure that you are seeing well for the upcoming school year.  We will check and improve your vision so you are seeing well and we will also check the health of your eyes to make sure there are no underlying concerns. 

If you play sports, why not book a sports vision baseline assessment at the same time?  In addition to the comprehensive eye exam and the Optomap Retinal Photos ($45)  that we would perform at your regular eye exam we will also perform the following:

  • Evaluation of 8 sports-relevant visual skills
  • Review of sports related skills and recommended areas for improvement
  • Baseline Concussion Testing: Used to assist in diagnosis and return to ice readiness
  • $50 credit towards a 5 week sports vision training program

The additional fee for this sports vision assessment, in addition to the annual eye exam fees ($45 for Optomap photos), is only $30.

For more information or to book an appointment call or email us.